Seth’s studio is as custom-fit to his composing process as his music is to the films he scores.

- 85 square meters of creative space, 100% personally hand-built by Seth.

- The studio offers an acoustically tuned mixing environment with 7.1 surround sound from 2 Focal and 6 Genelec speakers, calibrated to work as a surround array.

- 3 Mac computers and 1 PC, with several terabytes of the most cutting-edge sample libraries available and every major DAW: Cubase, ProTools, Logic X, Reaper and Live.

- “One Big Room” style recording space and a large collection of rare and unique instruments from around the world, all of which are played by Seth.

This studio is NOT rented out ever, and is only used by Seth and his assistants for the production of Seth’s scoring projects.
It is located in Beijing, China - if you’re in the area, send Seth an email to schedule a tour.