Complete list of CREdits

Most of Seth’s work is for clients in Asia that do not use IMDB, so here is his complete list of his credited works:

Feature Films

Monkey King, The Journey Begins【英雄西游】(in production) — Composer
Chill Out (in production) — Composer
Yes, I Am (in production) — Composer
Asleep 【眠】2019 — Composer
Kumanthong 【Thien Linh Cai】2019 — Composer
Year of the Dog 【营救汪星人】2018 — Lead Composer
Summer Can Wait 【冬去春又来】2018 — Composer
Examine Trauma【验伤】2018 — Composer
Farewell, My Love 【亲爱的,我要和别人结婚了】2018 — Lead Composer
Zodiac 12 Steps of Love 【Vẽ Đường Cho Yêu Chạy】2016 — Composer
Finding Kim 2016 — Re-recording Mixer
Kungfu Pho 2015 — Composer
Conjuring Spirit【Chung Cu Ma】2015 — Composer
Minions 【小黄人】2015 — Score Technical Engineer
If I Stay 2014 — Score Technical Assistant


Revived Witch (in production) — Composer
冲顶大会 2018 — Composer
Iron Blood Fleet【铁血舰队】2017 — Composer
Ever Adventure【无尽远征
2017 — Composer

Short Films

MISSING 【病】2018 — Composer
How to Delete Facebook 2018 — Composer
American Strangers 2018 — Sound Mixer
Nowhere Band 2017 — Sound Mixer
Gentrified 2015 — Composer
Love Me As I Am 2013 — Composer
Family Products 2013 — Composer
Can You Spare Some Change? 2012 — Sound Mixer
The Lesson 2012 — Composer


DJI “Robomaster S1” 2019 — Composer
Lansur Lipstick “Find Me” 2018 — Composer
Red Rose Tea “Extra Cup” 2017 — Composer
Evoke Motorcycles “Powered by Nature” 2017 — Composer
Shure Microphones “Born to Perform” 2017 — Sound Mixer
Footlocker x Asics “One More Step” 2017 — Composer
Sosu Sauces “Barrel Aged Sriracha” 2016 — Composer
HSBC “Sally’s Stand” 2014 — Composer
Coca Cola “他带了音乐礼物” 2013 — Composer


Starry Ent Group (film studio) “Logo” 2018 — Composer, Sound Designer
Chariot (ridesharing app) 2017 — Sound Designer
HLCG (film studio) “Logo” 2017 — Composer, Sound Designer
Six Axis Audio “War of the Worlds VR Demo” 2016 — Game Designer, Composer
Drumpants (wearable MIDI Instrument) 2015 — Sound Designer
Addictive Stranger (Touring Band) “LEAP” 2012 — Composer, Bandleader
Addictive Stranger “I Slept Through Supernovas” 2009 — Composer


Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Competition 2013 — First Place

Seth Tsui receiving the first place award in the 2013 Marvin Hamlisch competition (CINE Film Scoring Competition). Every year, hundreds of composers from around the world compete by composing unique scores to the same film. The winner is determined on the strength of the music alone, by a panel of judges including Mychael Dynna (Life of Pi), George S Clinton (chair of film scoring at Berklee) and Dan Carlin (chair of film scoring at USC). The competition has less than 10 winners in its history. Since 2014 Seth has been on its panel of judges.