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Animation Music Samples

Animation is Seth’s favorite genre to score, and he has had the most success in this field. From winning the Marvin Hamlisch film scoring competition with an animated film score, to becoming the lead score tech on Illumination’s global phenomenon “The Minions Movie,” and now currently the composer for 4 animated features and one animated TV series in China, Seth’s work in animated films speaks for itself.

Scoring for animation is different than any other genre. There are no accidents in animation. Every expression, gesture, blade of grass and puff of wind is deliberate. The music must match this level of clarity while making the audience believe something truly remarkable - that these bits of drawings and computer generated graphics are alive.

Music is the spark that creates life in animated characters, gives them heart, shows their inner feelings. Seth’s talent is for making these characters feel real by giving them music at the very early stage of production - when they are just storyboards or crude animatics. The music can then grow and evolve with the project, the creative team, and the story.