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Seth Tsui began his career as a trombonist, studying not only the orchestral repertoire, but also building his skills as a virtuoso soloist and jazz artist. Hear one of his live performances:

After earning his music performance degree from DePauw University, Seth focused his efforts on Rock Music, writing, singing, and recording two albums under the band name "Addictive Stranger" and touring nationally to perform it live:

While touring with Addictive Stranger, Seth became fascinated with the music of Asia, and undertook a study of the Chinese Erhu, as well as learning several middle-eastern instruments for his work with the Silk Road Ensemble.

Following the urging of several colleagues who agreed that Seth's music would fit best in films and games, Seth moved to Los Angeles and began writing for independent films. His major breakthrough came when he won first place in the Inaugural CINE Film Scoring Competition for Emerging Composers (now the Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Competition).

With his success at smaller productions, Seth began looking for film composers working on big budget Hollywood productions to work for. He found work as Heitor Pereira's lead technical assistant, setting up and programming systems for the composer to create music, sculpting sounds, recording instruments, and achieving iron-clad technical proficiency across multiple composing platforms in the process.

It was then that Skyline Inc, a major Vietnamese film production studio, became interested in Seth's work, and asked him to score their first feature film, "Chung Cu Ma." Seth has scored 3 features in total for Skyline including the popular "Kung Fu Pho" and critically acclaimed "12 chòm sao: Vẽ đường cho yêu chạy."

In 2016 Seth made the biggest decision of his career, to move to Asia. He currently lives in Beijing where he is scoring multiple video games and one major motion picture for Chinese cinema.