Kungfu Music Samples

Every Kungfu story needs discipline, learning, adventure and transformation.

While studying classical trombone in college, Seth was captivated by a performance from a Chinese erhu virtuoso. Then and there he decided to learn the instrument, and when he got the opportunity, he travelled to Beijing to learn from a master in China. In two weeks of study, he could already play some of the most iconic pieces for the instrument, and was beginning to use it in his film music.

Seth continues to practice and learn, adding new Asian instruments from China and Vietnam to his arsenal every year. Seth’s passion for the music of the region has manifest as a specialty in scoring Kungfu films for China, Southeast Asia and Hollywood. It just takes a little bit of the “spice” that these instruments bring, added on top of the base of rock-solid film score elements to really bring out the hero’s journey in a kungfu story.